New Acquisitions

Viking is actively seeking new Section 8 project-based multi-family housing investments, targeting apartment communities holding HUD Family or Elderly (restricted to elderly/disabled persons) Designations and located in diverse markets across the United States. Viking is seeking properties in good to excellent condition with minimal deferred maintenance or required capital improvements; above average REAC inspection scores; desirable amenities; stable tenant bases; and reliable operating results.

Viking’s targeted acquisitions are intended to build on its portfolio of HUD Section 8 properties and continue to provide attractive returns and financial stability. New acquisitions will be distinguished by the following characteristics:

Strong & Reliable Cash Flow that averages a targeted 10% per year, tax-sheltered (equivalent to an unsheltered annual return of over 16%*), over the investment’s projected holding period.

Government Contract Rent Subsidies that provide rent stability throughout the investment holding period under long-term renewable government Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) contracts.

Annual Contract-Based Rent Adjustments that provide protection against inflation/economic volatility.

Continuing Demand/Fixed Supply that preserves/increases market value, evidenced by strong tenant waiting lists and lack of new supply (HUD’s Section 8 project-based HAP program discontinued in 1983).


*Actual equivalent return will vary based on individual taxpayer’s applicable income tax rate.